COMP 4027 Forensic and Analytical Computing

This file contains the description of assignment 3.


assignment 3 honeypot setup, tracking and analysis
description in groups, to set up honeypot software in the wild, track all external activity and collect and analyse information for potentially threatening activity
marks 25% (10% group report, 10% individual report, 5% peer review)
assessable component Group report (one per group); individual report (one per person); peer assessment (one from each person assessing each other in group)
deadlines Report due Monday 08 June 11pm via AssignIT
personnel groups, depends really on consensus from assignment 1



You will need to achieve 50% or above in this component to pass the course.

Assignment 2 is worth 25% of the total for this course. You will be given 10% for the group report, 10% for your individual report, and a final 5% is a peer review by members of your own group.


Group report (one per group) Document all your activies - how you set up the operating system (especially any security) and the honeypot itself. Document any activity from incoming traffic.

Individual report (one per person). Describe what your part in the group's activities were, such as setup, tracking, analysis.

Peer assessment (one from each person assessing each other in group). Give a mark out of 5 for each of your group colleagues. You will need to justify the mark given with a short explanation.


The two reports are due Monday 8th June at 11pm, and should be submitted via assignIT.

Lab open times

The exercise is in the FIT lab F2-55 and the times for each group will be announced on 18th May.


Your groups for assignment 3 are listed at the Groups page. In some cases, they are the groups you selected for yourselves after the seminars for assignment 1.

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