COMP 4027 Forensic and Analytical Computing

This file contains the description of assignment 2.


assignment 2 PC analysis
  • step 1 identify tools e.g. google(forensic software) and
  • step 2 see what can be got from machines in F2-55, practise using forensic tools found
  • step 3 see what can be got from the set-up discs
marks 20% (assessed from report with 10% each from step 1 and step 3)
assessable component report in two parts on step 1 and step 3
  • step one to be complete before practical on 04 May
  • step 2 to be done in practical on 04 May
  • step 3 to be done in practical on 25 May
  • report due 30 May 11pm via AssignIT
personnel individually or in pairs (reports must be individual)


In this exercise you will gain hands-on experience in the use of forensics tools to extract information from computer hard discs. The computers are in the FIT Lab, room F2-55.

There are three steps in the exercise:

  1. step 1: The first step is to find the software appropriate for extracting whatever information you can from the disc. You will need software that can firstly image a disc and secondly analyse that disc.
  2. step 2: For step 2, this step is primarily so you can gain familiarity with the tools you have found
  3. step 3: For step 3, assume that there will be an operating system, along with a number of planted files for you to find.


You will need to achieve 50% or above in this component to pass the course.

Assignment 2 is worth 20% of the total for this course. You will be given 10% for finding and discussing the tools you intend to use (step 1), and 10% for applying these tools to the prepared discs in the second practical on 25th May and reporting on your findings (step 3).


There is one deliverable, which is a report. It should describe the work undertaken in steps 1 and 3.

Step 1 should be reported by describing which tools you selected for use in the exercise, and why you chose them. You are welcome to use different tools for steps 2 and 3, but you must explain why you do this (if applicable).

Step 3 should be reported by describing how you applied the tools you selected, and what results you found. You should definitely find something in this stage.


The report is due Saturday 30th May at 11pm, and should be submitted via assignIT.

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