COMP 4027 Forensic and Analytical Computing

Hello and welcome to COMP 4027 Forensic Computing in 2009, convened by Helen Ashman.

We have 11 scheduled lectures, once per week on Mondays at 11:00.

Practicals have also been scheduled, however we will not be using the scheduled time every week. In fact, it is likely that practicals will be scheduled on Mondays directly after the lectures, for those weeks when practicals are due.

My consulting times are Wednesdays 12:00 - 13:30 and Thursdays 12:15 - 13:45.


Assignments and Assessment

There are two complementary areas that we will be studying in these assignments:
  1. desktop computer forensics (assignment 2)
  2. network forensics and analysis (assignments 1 and 3)

There is a substantial element of self-guided ("research") work in the assignments - I expect you to use Internet and Library resources to seek out up-to-the-minute information, as this area of knowledge is a rapidly-changing one.

There are three assignments and a final exam making up the marks for this course. You will need to achieve 50% or above in each component to pass the course.

The components are:


This schedule is subject to change, due to guest lectures. Keep an eye on this page for updates!