WebTech and Security Lab

Helen Ashman
Helen leads the lab and supervises projects in all areas. She also does heaps of stuff on journal editorial boards and conference committees.

Kirsten Wahlstrom
Kirsten is a staff member in CIS, who also is studying for a PhD at De Montfort University, UK. Helen is her external PhD supervisor.

Michael Antunovic
Michael is a PhD student working on various projects, but about to focus on personalised search.

Glyn Caon
Glyn is a summer student in the lab, having been a research placement student previously, and is doing good stuff with synonym detection.

Mark Truran
Mark was a PhD student of Helen's at Nottingham Uni, now working in Teesside Uni, and is a collaborator and external advisor for many of the students in the lab. He visits the lab every two years or so.

Tim Brailsford
Tim has been a colleague of Helen's since 1997 in Nottingham University. He is a long-term collaborator, and one of the founding members of the WebTech lab in Nottingham. He has come on two long visits to the lab in UniSA in the past couple of years.

Victor Prokhorenko
Victor is a PhD student in the lab from 2013, after doing some teaching for us in 2012.

Sara Salehi
Sara will be a PhD student in the lab from 2013.

Anisha Fernando
Anisha will be a PhD student in the lab from 2013.

Matthew Simmons
Matt has been reviving SearchScraper upgrading it to collect image data for analysis.


People recently with us:

Jan-Felix Schmakeit 2008-2012
Jan-Felix has been an intern, student and associate of the lab since end of 2007. He has worked on many of the lab's projects in that time. He is going to ANU to do his PhD.

Gavin Smith 2008-2012
Gavin has just finished his PhD thesis and had it all accepted. He will be graduating in the March ceremony. He took up a postdoctoral position at the University of Nottingham (Helen's prior university) working with Jim Goulding (a prior PhD student from Nottingham).

Ben Steichen
Ben is a PhD student at Trinity College Dublin for whom Helen is an external supervisor.

Bill Pappas
Bill was a lab associate during 2012, and did some teaching on security and privacy as well.

Benjamin Zaruba 2011-2012
Ben was a German student who was interning with us for a few months in 2011-2012 before heading off on a holiday around Australia.

Darusalam (Salam)

Salam did his Master's minor thesis on the behavioural intrusion detection project and is continuing it for his PhD, starting a bit later in 2013.