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Welcome to the WebTech and Security Lab!

Here in the lab, we do high-quality, cutting edge research into topics in both Web Technologies and Security. We are interested in Web search, how people interact with Web search engines, how people can be identified by the way they behave online, how to look after personal privacy when online either by traditional means or by brain-computer interfaces.

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Other interesting stuff

Helen Ashman acted as a senior judge for the Australia's Security Nightmares: The National Security Short Story Competition, organised by Australian Security Research Centre (ASRC). She wrote a foreword for the book (pp 7-8) in which the winning articles are published (see http://www.securityresearch.org.au/?getp=177#aust_sec_nightmares), and the PDF of the book can be downloaded from http://www.securityresearch.org.au//uploader/files/Aust_Security_Nightmares-Short_stories.pdf. The competition is overviewed in an article in the Canberra Times.

I have some lecture notes on research methods that might be useful at http://sl.cis.unisa.edu.au/~helen/INFT4017/. There's useful stuff on writing papers (good ones, not cheap rubbish), how to go about writing the research proposal and thesis, and how to lie with statistics (well actually how NOT to do it!).

I also used to teach Forensic Computing, see see my lecture notes on that at http://sl.cis.unisa.edu.au/~helen/COMP4027/. Note that this is very different to how it is taught here now (in postgraduate courses).

CONFERENCE We hosted the first Web conference as part of the Australasian Computer Science Week in January 2013 here in Adelaide, after I proposed it to the ACSW chairs in 2012. Go to the ACSW 2013 site and look at AWC 2013.

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